the great trust ▓placed in us by our country and people and work hard to make Chang鈥檈-1 Project get a complete success, dedicated to ▓our homeland and the 50th anniversary of China鈥檚 spa▓ce industry. BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- China's State Council, the cabinet, has said innovation in scie▓nce and techno

launch vehicles  Remote data tra

logy will improve the nation's competitiveness in the world stage. Scientific and technological innovation could solve major scientific and technical issues th▓at concerned the country's overall situation and lon▓g-term development, said a statement released after a r▓egular

nsmission and communication ᠐

meeting of the State Council Wednesday. During the ▓meeting, an official from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) delivered a report on the implementation of the "Knowledge Innovation Program" (KIP), which aims to make the academy a world-leading base for scient

1; New fields of automatic control a▓nd n

ific ▓research. The program was initiated in 1998 and scheduled▓ to finish in 2010. The government would extend the KIP from 2011 to 2020, the meeting was told. The State Cou▓ncil called for deeper reform of research institutes and improved rewards and restrictions to encour

avigation  Unconventional materials

age competitio▓n among scientists and researchers and to foster talent. The government planned to develop education programs that were closely related to the innovation drive and strengthen international cooperation, said the statement. Premier W▓en Jiabao presided over the

=601; Microwave/millimeter wave transmissio

meeting. China's 2009 State Sc▓ientific and Technology Awards Ceremony has been held in▓ Beijing. Top leaders including President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao and prominent scientists attended Mond▓ay's gathering at the Great Hall of the People. Mathematician Gu

n and remote s▓ensing  Trace

Chaohao and space expert Sun Jiadong shared the▓ top Science and Technology Award and each were awarded 5 ▓million yuan . President Hu Jintao presented the t▓wo top prize winners with their certificates. Twenty-eight ▓projects won prizes in the State Natural Science Award and

and non-dest

55 projects were presented wi

th the Technology Innovation Award. The Science and Technology Advanc▓ement Award went to 282 projects. Seven foreign scientists were given the International Science and Technology▓ Cooperation Award for their contribution to the developm▓ent of China's science and technology. Premier Wen Jiabao said in

ent of hum

ural problem, he said. "Ou

Sakura Haruno

an wisd▓om and strength, but also a journey to enhance human wisdom and

ent among primary, secondary and tertiary industries ▓as well as among different regions. SEOUL, Dec. 23 (Xinhua) -- South Korea has unveiled revised plans on developing th▓e country's defense science and technology from 2010 to 2024, according to the Ministry of National De▓fense. The revised blueprint has set improving tech▓nologies for high-tech weapons system as a mid-term goal and▓ securing independent tech

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strength. As a developing country, China conducts definite deep space activitie

he total military s▓pending, will climb up to 7 percent by 2012, and to 10 pe▓rcent by 2020, a sharp rise compared to the original plan, according to local media. South Korea, currently the wor▓ld's 18th largest weapons seller, also aims to incre▓ase its arms sales by 2024 to become the 10th expo▓rter, media reports said. The changes in plans, supposed to ▓be made every five years, came earlier than usual follo

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s under limited conditions, reflecting China鈥檚 strong national strength

Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- China and Africa look forward to deepening cooperation in various fields, especially science and technology, industry, ag▓riculture and environment, said Egyptian and Chinese officials at a science and technology expo, which opened he▓re on Thursday. In the opening ceremony of China Exhibition ▓on Innovative Technologies and Products in Egypt, Minister▓ of Higher Education and the State for S

and symboliz

cientific Research

of Egypt, Dr. Hani Hillal, said that his country reaffirms the support for scientific and technological cooperation between China and Africa. "China exhibit▓ion is an important forum to know more about the progress ▓China has reached in scientific and technological field▓s, and it is also an important forum for the convergence ▓of scientists and researchers with the men from ind▓ustr

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ing ability

y and innovation," Hillal added. "Egyptian-Chinese relations are steadily growing and several weeks ago Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao opened the 4th ministerial conference of the F▓orum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)," sai

of China鈥

d Magid George, Egypt's Minister of State for the Environme▓nt. George said that the expo is an important event to present Chinese technology to African and Arab countries b▓ecause China is considered a leading nation in development, expressing hope that the exhibition will provide an opport

檚 space ind

unity for the countries to get acquainted ▓with progress in technology and innovation amid great chal▓lenges. The Chinese government's input in science and techn▓ology has increased from 56 million yuan in 1953 to 254 billion yuan in 2008. The Minister of Science

ustry. Chi

& ▓Technology, highlighted the achievement during a Wednesday press conference. The Minister of Science & Technology, Wang Gang, says China's conditions for technological development have improved drastically over the past six decades. He adds that the Chinese ▓government has contin

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and Industry for

uously increased funding for

SCI-TEC▓H development.Wan

Gang, Chinese Science & Tech Minister, said, "The government's SCI-TECH appropriation has increased from 56 million yuan in 1953 to 254 billion yuan▓ in 2008. And in 2008, China's

gross expenditures i▓n R&a

mp;D, hit 457 billion yuan, accounting for 1.52▓% of the GDP."Wan Gang says developments in science and technology over the past six decades have significantly contributed to China's economy, social progress, peopl▓e's livelihood, and national security.Wan Gang said, "The successful ma

nned space flights, and the launch o▓f a lunar satellite, have made China o

National De

ne of a few c▓ountr

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